Monday, April 30, 2007

The shame continues...

It's little surprise that I spent much of my return to work this morning trying to keep finding original excuses for the cosmetic consequences of my less-than-impressive gymnastics display Friday night. Even less surprisingly, my varied tales were all met with a very similar response - "Pissed up then?"

It's a fair cop.

However, something I hadn't anticipated was the nurse at the blood donor session this evening taking one look at my black eye and swollen grazed nose and deciding that they would decline my donation today in case there was the slightest chance of any infection.

Bloody marvelous. Or not, as the case may be...


Jeremiah said...

You know, when tipping the Guinness turns into a roll on the ground, I hedge my bets that things are getting unmanageable.

Is it time yet???

Is it time to stop before you get hit by that Guinness truck.

Been there - Done that...

Seany said...

Hi Jeremy

It's the classic paradox - if you deny the problem, everyone assumes you have one!

That said, posts about the nights when I stay home quite happily drinking tea (most) or when take a drive into the country and stay on soft drinks because I'm in the car I suspect wouldn't interest most of my regular readers.

Appreciate the concern though :)