Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A site for sore eyes...

Little Sis and I were chatting last night about Easter eggs, the price of Nintendo DS and the like when I heard her better other half laughing away in the background. It turned out he'd been greatly amused reading Brian May's Soapbox and in particular, his reactions to some journo's criticism of Mika.

I've long been a fan of Brian May's; partly for being one of the most gifted guitarists to walk the planet but also because in interviews he's given and articles he's written, he always comes across as a genuinely nice bloke. I therefore felt compelled to track the site down for a read and suffice to say I was not disappointed.

Perhaps it's quite widely known that before the days of Queen he was studying towards a Ph.D in astronomy and the site reflects his maintained interest, but I'd completely forgotten about his collection of stereo pictures which are scattered throughout his posts. It's rather like a grown-up version of the magic eye things that were all the rage a few years ago. I'm not going to publish any on here, instead I'll just re-direct you to someone else who built quite a collection here.

Right, I'm going back for another look now while there's nobody around to say "stop that - you'll go blind"...


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm sorry to intrude into your blog and to write my comment...
I am Maki who runs some Brian May related sites.
Actually, this morning, I found that you have made a link to my stereo picture site, The Life Within. So, I am writing this to tell you my thanks for that.
I hope you will visit my site to see Mr May's stereo pictures and sometimes, you will enjoy Mine, too!
Thank you so much, again!

Seany said...

Hi Maki! Thanks for your comment. You are more than welcome for the links - there has obviously been a lot of hard work in creating your sites. I'll certainly keep visiting

Anonymous said...

Hi Seany, Thank you for your reply!
I am very happy to know there Is someone who enjoy those stereo pictures in my site.
Because I have heard many people cannot see them in 3D... so, it would be very nice if I could hear what you think of my stereo pictures and Mr May's, too.
Here is a guestbook for my sites ( We Believe In Brian May! Project
and The Life Within ). I hope I can read your comment there in the near future!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I forgot to make a link to my guestbook..