Thursday, June 07, 2007

Seanys laws of something or other...

Alright, I'm hardly likely to give Newton a run for his money but here are a few of my observations from today:
  • This morning I proved once again that for every minute you leave early for work, there is a proportionate number of obstacles to delay your journey by the same amount of time.
  • I've witnessed that for every really attractive contestant on a reality game show, there is an over-sensitive TV executive who feels the compelled to over-react to an incident despite none of the parties involved actually being offended.
  • For every "tuit" job you get out of the way, there are at least two more to take its place.
  • The dirty surfaces on adverts for cleaning products are ten times filthier than anything you would allow in your house.
I thought I'd worked out a connection between time and weight but I think I confused it with wait as despite reaching the top of their waiting list today, it's still about 6 weeks before I finally get inked for the second time...

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