Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good Friday...

In fact, great Friday would be nearer the mark.

Admittedly, I was more than a little surprised to find the bungalow had been magically transported to Atlantis over night, but I guess it makes a change to have to swim to the car in the morning.

I had finally had a good day in the office again. Sure it wasn't without it's challenges but everything was sorted by the time I left so there shouldn't be my too much to do over my long weekend.

The Tap kitchen closed early yesterday, but to keep the "take Mum out for Friday tea" tradition going, we decided to try out one of the pubs in the village. We have two pubs but as one of them is a generic chain pub, we opted for the other one which proved to be a great decision. Friendly staff, nice surroundings, a good pint and the food was excellent. It would take a lot to drag me away from my favourite pub but this would be a serious contender if I ever fancied a change.

A short taxi ride back to the Tap and although it was quiet to start with, we ended up with a great crowd in. I'd had a two or three calls to meet up with people over the weekend and as the pub is closing for a few days tonight, we arranged for everyone to meet last night (to make sure the beer didn't run out!). Throw in a couple of surprise visitors, a well fed jukebox, a new beer from my favourite local brewery and there you have it - the recipe for an excellent Friday night out...

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