Sunday, June 24, 2007

I must find another hobby...

Thursday night saw the re-opening night at the Tap, which delivered everything promised except for the extended kitchen (about which I'd probably mis-heard anyway). In addition Richard provided the music for a good ol' fashioned sing along; rather too many songs for which I knew the words (probably as a result of having to watch too many Good Old Days shows as a kid).

Friday night was our chance to catch up with Dom. It's always good news when we hear he's paying a return visit as it's a cracking excuse for a few laughs and usually a few more beers while we put the world to rights. It was also a chance to catch up with Paul & Em who I haven't seen in too long and to join them for my first taste of sake (and possibly last) while we all continued our on-going discussions over favourite musical DVDs. As Saturday was supposed to be a light day, I wasn't too bothered at being out until gone 3am.

For our "lightweight" Saturday, I'd arranged to meet Dom for a few beers in the afternoon and rather foolishly we'd agreed to start at 12 noon and finish around teatime. Predictably, we didn't finish at teatime but we both agreed that 12 hours had been too long and we certainly shouldn't have been in any fit state to be discussing the matter.

Very surprisingly, this morning brought no ill side-effects whatsoever other than a few sniffles and a sore throat; and that I suspect as a result of too much ale induced snoring...

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