Sunday, January 07, 2007

Housework sucks...

This afternoon I made a start on another "one of these days" jobs, took advantage of a local sale item and bought some space saver bags. We've all seen them on TV where they put a double quilt, four pillows and an entire winter wardrobe into a plastic bag, attach it to your vacuum cleaner to remove the air et voila, it suddenly takes up the space of a first class postage stamp.

Surprisingly, they do actually work, although clearly not to the scale indicated above. Better still, whilst rummaging through the wardrobe for items to be "archived", more have actually ended up being thrown out than kept (I wouldn't have wished those items on the most needy of charity shops).

Exceptions to the clear-out have been my collection of concert teeshirts which although they will certainly never fit me again, still act as souvenirs of the many bands I've seen over the years and who knows, may be worth several pence on e-bay some day.

So having thrown so much gear out, I've got some bags left over so I guess the next job is to fill them with the heaps of stuff in the garage I'm equally reluctant to part with...

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