Thursday, January 04, 2007

And I thought I'd been busy...

I was leaving the office tonight when I saw one of our shift managers in reception who I'd not seen since before Christmas and our conversation took an unexpected turn

"Hello Dave, Happy New Year mate - did you have a good one?"
"Hi Seany. Yeah, great. Have you been watching the darts?"
(No surprise there - I knew that he was a pretty keen darts player)
"No, I missed it, but I heard them talking about it on the radio last night"
"Oh, we've had a great tournament on Sky Sports"
"Ah, I don't have Sky Sports so I wouldn't have seen it anyway then"
"Well, I was well pleased to have got through to the last sixteen"
"Sorry? You were playing?!"
"Yeah I beat Keith Deller in the qualifiers and only narrowly missed going through to the last eight. It was an amazing experience!"
"I didn't even know you were playing at that level, I mean, I know you play but..."
"It's done my world rankings a power of good, I'm up 80 odd places to no 7o now"
"Nice one! Well let me know when you're competing next and I'll look out for you"

Turns out it's at the British Darts Open this weekend.
And there's some pictures from his last tournament here.

Keep an eye open for "Ladders" at the oche on a screen near you. Nice bloke and apparently a darts player to be reckoned with...

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