Saturday, June 10, 2006


I never really was any good at onomatopoeia, but that is supposed to be the sound of me falling of the wagon last night and although the health-kick is going well, I'm still a long way from wafting down from anything.

Yes folks, after five weeks I was re-acquainted with my old friend the Hobgoblin last night and I'm ashamed to admit that it was rather like bumping into an old friend. Strictly speaking, it's not been completely alcohol free for the past five weeks but I did last from 6th May to 5th June without a beer, with only a couple of glasses of wine in between to accompany the Sunday dinner I cooked for everyone the day after Mum's birthday.

The trip to Porto was relatively uneventful beer-wise although we did manage a couple of nice meals washed down with a two or three glasses of Super Bock, which even in the stout variety, doesn't count as real beer in my world. It was nice to escape from the hotel this time and see a bit more of Porto - clearly a city still going through significant re-development but quite charming in places all the same. Other than that the time was consumed either in a particularly drawn out and fruitless meeting or sat in airport lounges honing my su doku solving skills.

So, I hope you've all been keeping well while I've been away - I'll be catching up with everyone's blogs in between the world cup matches. Yes, I know I don't particularly like football but somehow I've managed to amass six England football tops so I ought to get myself down to the pub and do my bit to support the lads.

Peer pressure is a terrible thing...

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delcatto said...

Pee pressure from all of that beer.
Welcome back to Blogland Seany.