Tuesday, June 20, 2006


So here I am again, adorned in appropriate shirt, alcohol free (so far), poised to watch the match and already bored to tears with the hour's worth of pre-match waffle. What's the temperature in the stadium? What do the pundit's think of Sven's selection? Where does Becks get his toothpaste from? Will Rooney start? If so, on whom?

We're through to the next round whatever tonight's result but apparently this match is important because we haven't beat the Swedes since I was two. Oh, and if we win or draw this one then the next one will be against Ecuador instead of Germany. Is that supposed to be a walkover? Did they overlook the fact that Ecuador will also have made it far as we have? They're even predicting the whole tournament so far as to claim that if we score this, then that, then the other, the first tough game we get will be the final against Argentina. Hmmm... not exactly convinced yet.

I'm really trying to get into the spirit of it all, honest, but I wish they'd just cut the bullshit and get on with it...

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delcatto said...

We'll struggle against Ecuador but England will win with A Gerrard goal in the 70th minute...followed by England sitting back and allowing Ecuador to batter away at goal and cause apoplexy for millions of supporters in pubs around the country.
I'm at work and on call that night...shortsighted planning on my part.
As for the bullshit...that's what oils the moving parts of the modern game.Shame the pundits spout so much of it.