Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ring of Bright Water...

It is my sad duty to report the untimely demise of my Breville Lightning kettle yesterday. Aside from being a pretty tasty looking appliance, I'm mostly saddened to see it's passing as it was a 40th birthday present from little Sis & family, but it has served me well during it's short life of little over two years. I'm not ashamed to admit I'll miss the bright blue glow from across the kitchen early in the morning but I can't keep living in the past; it's time to move on.

I wandered into Tesco this evening in search of a replacement and being armed with a tenner's worth of clubcard vouchers, needless to say it resulted in me buying something a bit different. Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you about the Tefal Quick Cup

As you probably gathered from the picture, not so much a kettle it's a filtered water dispenser but it can also turn out a mug of steaming hot water in three seconds!!! Better still, because it only heats the water it's actually dispensing it's up to 65% more energy efficient than a traditional kettle.

So what's the post title all about? Well I don't recall ever seeing the film, but we read the book at school and if my memory serves me well, it was about a water 'otter...

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