Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Happy Easter...

I thought a more cheery post was a bit overdue and this weekend has obliged just nicely.

Admitted, Friday night was a bit (!) excessive but it was great to catch up with Andy, Sharon and Kirsty who were all in town and I have vague recollections of enjoying some live music along the way. As a result, Saturday was considerably quieter but I still managed to get just about everything prepped in advance for Mum and Dad coming around for dinner today, albeit at the expense of a second night out.

The trip out in several inches of snow to collect them this morning was a bit unconventional perhaps but after a brief detour to get rid of their old TV at the tip (to be honest I was surprised to find them open) we settled down for a nice relaxing day.

We had a Skype video call with Little Sis & family and looked on in envy at the huge array of chocolate, after which Mum and Dad were both honing their Wii skills at baseball, tennis or bowling while I was getting the dinner started (isn't something the wrong way round here?). After having eaten far too much (no surprise there then) we all slumped in front of the TV to watch Ratatouille.

The dishwasher has justified it's existence yet again this evening but now I just need to find a similar appliance to take care of the ironing as it's back to work for some of us in the morning...

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