Monday, March 10, 2008

A few words for a friend...

There was no way on earth I could have imagined that when writing my last post that within a week it would seem so inappropriate and flippant.

I received a call yesterday telling me that our good friend Woja had passed away that morning. It was only a couple of weeks ago we'd learnt of the tumour behind his eye, but by all accounts, everyone was of the impression that he was responding well to his treatment and well on the way to recovery. It seems such a shame to me that the world has lost another nice guy.

He will probably be most remembered for his contributions to the Acoustic Culture nights in the Tap; in fact he was the guy responsible for the one and only time I've "taken to the stage" in there.

To those of us who knew him a little better, he was also an incredibly intelligent guy with a great sense of humour. For a flavour of what made him tick, follow the Provincial Letters link on the left and take a read through some of his blog. It's been a while since his last post on there but it came as no surprise to me when he diverted his attentions to his MySpace where he could more easily showcase his music.

There's only one song that will always remind us of our friend so I'll just say "Thanks Woja" and sign off with this...

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delcatto said...

A lovely man and he'll be sadly missed.