Thursday, March 20, 2008

Right end of the day...

I've half a mind to get an early night and just write the rest of the day off!

My plans to cram in the last minute Easter shopping tonight went a bit belly-up when I found out that the supermarket was full. Full of people that is; I couldn't get my hands on hardly anything I'd gone in for.

The journey home was too late and too cold, for reasons that will become apparent in a moment or two.

The day in the office was full of the usual "challenges", which meant I was hardly in the mood for this letter that arrived in the post, addressed for my attention. I've removed the name and address to protect the innocent (i.e. me), but left the contact details for the bunch of morons that decided this was some kind of effective marketing device in case everyone who reads this happens to be curious.

The event that really set my day off? On the way in this morning, I took a brief opportunity to overtake the car dawdling along in front of me and just as I pulled back to the left hand side of the road, some twittering little critter shot out of the hedgerow into my nearside wing mirror. It hit with such a bang, that I had to look back and make sure I hadn't hit something considerably bigger but aside from bits of wing mirror descending through the rain into the grass verge, there were clearly no significant casualties.

I braved the elements to try and disconnect the remaining entrails of the mirror but it was the choice of either doing a lot more damage, leaving it to bounce freely off the wing of my car, or thread as much as I could through the part open door window. Plan C it was then.

But for all of my moaning right now, I can't help but feel grateful that whatever it was that broke the mirror, didn't land a little further over taking the windscreen and probably me with it...


delcatto said...

It's a new marketing ploy.
Fire squirrels at potential customers.
If they ignore you, fire badgers.
It's when they load cattle that the shit really hits the fan!

Seany said...

...and at the sight of an airborne cow aproaching the windscreen, it would probably be mine

LuvlyLittleSister said...

It is Easter weekend. The bird was a sign from God that you should have stayed behind the slow car and used the time to contemplate the meaning of Easter. You didn't and he smashed your mirror up. Don't mess with the big guy!