Friday, November 23, 2007

The years go by...

Tonight I'm celebrating my 3rd Blogday. Woohoo!

I'm quietly proud actually that I've strung out enough tenuous meanderings to keep this thing ticking over so long.

Today also saw my old workmate Stuart leave the office for the last time which is an occasion of mixed emotion. Sure, we're all sad to see him leave; he's been with us for 17 years, I've worked with him for 12 of them (ouch) and he was the one responsible for me applying for a job there in the first place. On the other hand he's a superb bloke who's been given a tidy sum and the opportunity for a fresh start so in that respect I'm quite envious.

So rather than my usual Friday night in the Tap, it was a couple of pints of shandy with the guys from the office and then driving home for a quiet night.

But if I'm supposed to be celebrating I figured I should at least ring out for a pizza which is a treat I've denied myself for a few weeks. Oh and while I'm at it, might as well open a nice bottle of red to wash it down with. Cheers...


LuvlyLittleSister said...

Happy Blogday to you,
and Good luck to Stu,
have a treat sir with a pizza
and a bottle or two.

Seany said...

Thank you kindly dear Sis
But my plans went amiss
I was snoozing instead of boozing
Which is taking the mickey


delcatto said...

Happy 3rd Blogday!

Here's to the next three years....with the technology available now, surely red wine can now be an ingredient of pizza?
possibly tastes horrible and not as tasty as a nice glass of red.

Seany said...

Dad used to have a knack for unique brews, perhaps he could turn the tables and work on a pizza wine...

Jeremiah Andrews said...

Happy Blogday to You. You always have something entertaining to say !


Seany said...

Cheers Jeremy :)