Saturday, November 17, 2007

All in a good cause...

Last night was race night in the Tap which provided the excuse to a) be there in the first place and b) flutter a few quid to support the pub football team. It was certainly a busy night and everyone seemed to be taking part enthusiastically, so I hope that the overall night was more profitable for the team funds than it was for me personally. I guess my "system" wasn't as reliable as I'd hoped.

I'd already bought the new Janet and John CD so I felt no guilt whatsoever in recording the nights proceedings on BBC1 for Children in Need. As usual it didn't fail to impress with all manner of celebrities putting their pride to one side and providing some excellent entertainment; my personal highlight being newsreader Fiona Bruce's outstanding performance of "All That Jazz".

I suspect some of the artists had more questionable plugging motives than others (e.g. re-formed just for tonight - oh, by the way we've enjoyed it so much our tour tickets are on sale from Monday) but the end result of raising over 19 million quid is astounding all the same. It's a shame I had to read about the total on the news seeing as Virgin Media decided to re-arrange my channels during the night which meant I missed the last two hours.

Back to the subject of plugging, I have no shame whatsoever in recommending the new Janet and John Reloaded CD. I was happy to encourage you all to buy the first volume and the second one is every bit as funny, plus there is a bonus CD full of other goodies. As before, all proceeds go to Children in Need so please click the picture below to go to the TOGs website where you can order a copy and find out for yourselves...

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