Monday, November 26, 2007


This isn't the first time on here that I've admitted that I don't know anything about sport. In fact it wouldn't be too great a stretch of the imagination to say I don't even know that much.

For some reason this evening, the young lad on the supermarket checkout wouldn't take my word for it as he tried to engage me in conversation:

Him: Do you need any help packing?
Me: No I'll be fine thanks
Him: So who do you think will be the next England coach?
Me: To be honest, I've no idea. Although it probably won't be me...
Him: I think I could do it. I'd have a good go for the money.
Me: Yeah, I know nothing about football but might qualify for a 1/4 million pay off
Him: So you must have someone pegged for favourite?
Me: No really, I've no idea, I don't really follow football at all
Him: So who do you support in the premiership then?

How many clues did I have to give? There's a lot to be said for self service checkouts...


delcatto said...

My money's on Jeffrey from 'Rainbow'.
A song first followed by warm up and then Bungle in goal.
Zippy is yer man for the goals...

Where is my medication?

Pete said...

like you I'd do it for the money. I'll happily fail to qualify and accept the pay off.