Monday, July 30, 2007

Bit of a sore head...

Thanks to a bit of forward planning, I'd booked the day off today expecting to feel a bit delicate after the inevitable celebrations that would come with my mate Dom turning 26 yesterday.

We started with a football match between the pub team and a team of regulars at the local college grounds. I missed the event last year so I was probably more surprised than most at what a great performance the regulars put on. Admittedly towards the end there were about 16 "regulars" players on the pitch and following a seven all draw, it seemed a bit harsh that we should lose it on penalties. Irrespective of the score, they raised over £100 to be split between a local school and scout group.

From then on, there followed a leisurely afternoon in the Tap sat on the balcony , occasionally jumping to our feet to admire the large fish swimming below, but generally supping beer and exchanging tales of varying degrees of filth and offence from each others mobile phones.

Early evening and a dozen of us hopped into taxis to cross town and enjoy a superb carvery dinner. Next stop, the worlds smallest pub for a beer festival where we probably should have stayed for the remainder of the evening as the subsequent venues in Cleethorpes proved to be either closed, full of idiots, too noisy or carrying an odour reminiscent of an open sewer.

In total though, a really good day. Why the sore head? No, not the hangover that you're all expecting to read about, the drinking was maintained at a suitably modest level. No, it seems that despite the fact that I've sported a number one haircut since a charity head shave several years ago, I still haven't realised the importance of covering my head when I'm out in the sun all day...

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delcatto said...

Slap a bit of cream on it and you'll be about ready for the quiz tonight.

We couldn't make yesterday, No.1 son hit the high spot with a temperature of 103 and gave us a few worrisome hours.