Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quite surprising really...

It's turned out to be a day full of surprises today; some nice ones and some not so.

Nice: Despite last night's little sojourn to my favourite hostelry, I woke up really early this morning completely free of any ill effects.

Not so: Bathroom scales still moving in the wrong direction. (OK, I always said weekends don't count)

Nice: Took advantage of the bonus waking hours by getting the breadmaker and washing machine going then set off to Tesco to join the inevitable queue for petrol. But there wasn't one. And hardly anyone in the supermarket itself for that matter so home again and unpacked before 8:00am

Nice: Managed to get the car loaded up to return Dad's tools that he'd left in my garage and found a parking space right outside their house. In the town centre. On a Saturday morning.

Nice: Whilst there I learned that Delcatto's "have a go hero" antics from Thursday paid off with his would be assailant destined for a court appearance. Good on yer Delcatto - a lesson for us all there perhaps.

Not so: Also whilst there I discovered my mobile phone had started playing up again. A few times in recent weeks the earpiece stopped working so you coudn't hear dialling tones or voices at the other end without turning the external speaker on - not much use for private conversations.

Nice: Of course, that was all the excuse I needed to treat myself to a new one

Not so: I'd kept to the same network and manufacturer to help transition of numbers etc. but this new one just wasn't playing. Looked like a very boring afternoon's work ahead.

Nice: Persistence paid off

Not so: I was interruped mid cursing at phone/laptop by the postman. What could they want? I've nothing due for delivery. Well not for a few days at any rate.

Nice: Turned out it was a present from Pete Frenzy who very kindly sent me a St Louis Cardinals calendar. Thanks very much Pete - I guess I can finally take the 2007 arch calendar down from the kitchen wall!

Not so: On the subject of the USA, I thought I should check on the cactus seeds I brought back with me. Having finally got around to planting them a couple of weeks ago, they've since failed to show any signs of life.

Nice: I would appear to be the owner of a new prickly pear! (even though it must be all of 5mm tall).

Nice: We don't usually do Father's Day in our family (his choice as it is purely commercial), but as he has been really helpful replacing my fence over the last few weeks, I've invited Mum & Dad over for Sunday roast tomorrow. The beef is done and chefs prerogative titbits would indicate it's going to be another tasty one.

So here we are, dinner already prepped for tomorrow, two loaves baked and a third about to go in, after which I'm looking forward to a leisurely evening catching up with the Doctor's adventures.

Oh and I've finally set the ball rolling on another long overdue project, but I'll tell you more about that another time...


delcatto said...

First Dr Who I have watched for ages and it was excellent. I have a nagging feeling that the plot is familiar but I can't remember where from.
So ballroom dancing is your next project?

Seany said...

Yes, they're really pushing the boundaries lately. I've got quite geeky of late and switch over to BBC3 as soon as it finishes to watch Dr Who Confidential (behind the scenes).

Hit a new low this evening when I missed it because I was on the phone and had to track it down on BBC iplayer...

Pete Frenzy said...

Wow - considering I sent the calendar in January (Air-Mail) it took a long time. Even if it went by sea - six months seems excessive! Ah well I better get the 2009 calendar in the post today so that it arrives for the beginning of next year....