Monday, April 07, 2008

New toy alert...

After another impromptu cross country mystery tour driving home last Thursday and with the pending trip to visit Little Sis and family over the weekend, I decided it was time to indulge another one of my overdue wish list acquisitions and get my hands on one of them there sat navs.

Cue some last minute research and a little while later I was the proud owner of a TomTom Go 520, although I'm undecided as to whether it's a keeper just yet. I can't deny that it's a neat little gadget which aside from getting me very efficiently from A to B, it also got bluetooth connectivity and provides a much more efficient means of hands free telephony than poking and yelling into the little flashing blue thingy in my left ear.

The problem is that it's a relatively new model, yet I've already had to upgrade the accompanying software and re-install the device software on advice from the helpdesk when the map kept disappearing and being replaced with the menu screen mid-journey. Added to which, the touch screen appears to be somewhat temperamental. When it works, it's great but I'm concerned that sometimes it seems not to want to. I've spent two hours tinkering with it this evening, but if tomorrow's journey to work doesn't demonstrate any improvement, then the little box is going back.

It did give us the opportunity to take scenic detour on our trip to see Little Sis on Friday (where we had an excellent time incidentally) and we somehow stumbled across an Eddie Stobart depot at Daventry. Not a major event for most, but Mum and I usually pass the journey with some competitive Eddie spotting, so for several miles afterwards, there was a definite air of concern within the car that I'd pre-programmed it on purpose. Truth is, if you get to read this Mum, I was beating you by miles anyway so why would I want to cheat?

And you never know when you're going to see the next one, but they never seem to be too far away...

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Pete Frenzy said...

Coming home from werk this evening I think I saw one of those Eddie lorries west of St Louis....must be lost.