Sunday, April 13, 2008

Business as usual...

I was pleased to be able to save myself a bit of cash this week after having heard nothing about a replacement wing mirror, I took matters into my own hands and ventured forth onto e-bay. The last replacement I needed cost in the region of a hundred quid after fitting and re-spraying, but this time I've done it for less than forty by sourcing and fitting it myself.

Other than that the weekend hasn't brought much out of the ordinary. Friday night came with it's usual excess of ale and included another welcome return to the County for some fine ale and live music. I'm not about to desert the Tap any time soon, but it is refreshing to have a bit of a change of surroundings on my weekly night out.

Yesterday got off to an appropriately delicate start, but that quickly passed as soon as the bathroom scales revealed that I've now passed my two stone weight loss milestone. Of course the only way to celebrate had to be in the form of seafood pizza for tea.

This morning started early as I need to put the bread maker through it's paces today and having fitted the mirror unit in next to no time, I took advantage of having the car at the top end of the drive and gave it a good clean - for the first time in longer than I care to remember.

Of course now I've finished cleaning the car, the sky has shown every sign that it's about to sling it down with rain, as usual...

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delcatto said...

The rain's alrught, it's the bleeding seagulls.
Their diet consists of fish & chips, pizzas, has to come out somewhere!