Monday, April 21, 2008

Let's be careful out there...

Well I've had a quick scan through the local newspaper's website tonight and can't see any stories about riots breaking out, or in fact anything for that matter that may have kept the police majorly preoccupied this weekend.

I was always brought up to respect the police and I'll openly admit that I'm quite happy that there are so many people prepared to do a job that I wouldn't. That said, we don't get to see much return for our exorbitant council tax and as a substantial wedge of it contributes towards providing a police presence, I think it's reasonable to expect one when needed.

Saturday night we had a [thankfully] rare occurrence of trouble outside the pub which Dave capably managed to bring under control although I'm sure he had better things to be doing on what was supposed to have been an evening off. I'm afraid it was the all too frequent story of a handful of spotty little booze and drug addled oiks who were so far removed from reality to believe they were invincible, although I'm pleased to report that it seemed to be more noise coming from their general direction rather than physical activity. Apart from when they started fighting amongst themselves that is. Hmmm.

While things were looking less comfortable, several people had already reached for their mobiles and called the police requesting assistance but whether non-emergency number or 999 was called, they were all told the same that nobody was available. I shudder to think that if things had turned ugly, there could have been several staff and regulars all at personal risk and no sign of any "official" back up from anywhere.

So I guess if nothing else newsworthy was going on, we can probably assume that the roads on the outskirts of town were free of speeding motorists...

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