Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No news is good news...

There was a time when I thought the above saying meant that you could assume that if you hadn't heard from someone, everything is probably still ok. More recently, I've learnt to interpret it to mean that for every silver lining you stumble upon, rest assured there's a filthy great black cloud somewhere nearby ready to surround it.

My week so far could be summarised in "good news/bad news" format:

Good news: (me) "Well that's another Monday almost out of the way"
Bad news: "Seany, we've spotted a problem out on one of the lines"
Good news: "OK, we've sorted it before the order finished"
Bad news: "The same error could apply to 129 other products"
Good news: "I've checked and it only applies to 4"
Bad news: "We may have made and delivered some already this year"
Good news: "I've checked that too, only 6 deliveries"
Bad news: "Problem is, that equates to over half a million units"
Good news: "I wouldn't want to be the guy who approved this specification"
Bad news: Three guesses who that guy is

Reflecting back to a recent post, it must be times like this that the word "bollocks" was invented for...

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delcatto said...

If it's bottles of beer I'm yer man...I'll work for nowt.
If it's Carling you're on your own...