Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blast from the past...

I've not been out on a Saturday night for a while now, but last night I had an invitation to a retirement party for Pete who was the sales manager at the last company I worked for.

It was of course good to be part of Pete's send off, but also to catch up with a lot of old faces I've not seen for 12 years or more. I say "old faces" although everyone is pretty much exactly how I remembered them so perhaps we've all aged reasonably gracefully. I had to smile when I spotted the M.D. and went across to say hello. He looked genuinely surprised, smiled, shook my hand then sad to the guy next to him "Hey look who's here - you remember who this is don't you?". I took that as a clear indication that he actually didn't, but to his credit he came across later in the evening and admitted the fact once the penny had dropped.

Entertainment was courtesy of Pete's son's band although I'm guessing the people dancing hadn't eaten as much hog roast as I had. After a couple of hours, I decided to shuffle off quietly and it turned out that the taxi I took was intended for someone else. I thought he'd arrived quickly, but what are the chances of two Seanys calling for a taxi at the same time from the same venue?

So, today I ought to be thinking about how I can burn off last nights excesses but at least I have the choice now of bowling, tennis, baseball, golf or boxing...

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