Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's where the heart is...

I'm usually keen to spot any tenuous excuse for a blog post so I can't believe I let the 28th November go past without mention.

In which case, it is exactly two years (and four days) since I moved into the bungalow and I've still done surprisingly little with the place. I say that, although it's hardly surprising as like many people, I spend more time either in the office or travelling to or from it than I do here.

All the same, this weekend I finally managed to clear a different desk; the one in the spare room which could possibly be described as a study at last. The immediate bonus is that I can get my all-in-one printer scanner connected up again although if memory of cartridge prices serves me well, it costs about the same run as a small car. Still, I can finally start wading through the mountains of photos that need sorting out and it has provided me with a more suitable work area than the dining room table.

On the flip side of course, it's also provided a space for me spend so much of the weekend working from home...

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