Sunday, September 16, 2007

Weather's here, wish you were beautiful...

White man came to desert and brought rain. Lots of rain actually, complete with thunder and lightning. It's not the tragedy that it might initially appear as the rain is needed in this part of Arizona and so far, we have managed to keep the to-do list ticked and up to date in the dry spells. So seeing as I am stuck inside right now waiting for the sun to re-appear, I'll give you a quick update.

Yesterday morning we paid a visit to San Diego Zoo and as zoos go, it is a very good one. Very well laid out with a variety of walks and enclosures exhibiting almost every kind of animal you would wish to see.

The problem I find with zoos is that once you have seen a few good ones it's hard to find something new, but here of course I got to see pandas for what I'm quite sure is the first time.

Three pandas in fact; one sleeping in his tree, another munching through his bamboo breakfast and the new arrival via the Panda Cam that you can also see here. All wrapped up in around three hours and then time to hit the road again and wave goodbye to California.

Seeing as Pete had done most of the driving to L.A. and back the previous day, I thought it only fair to take the lion's share of the journey from San Diego to Tucson. It started of predictably as a pleasant drive through a 107 degree California desert, but as we crossed the border into Arizona we hit rain and dusts storms - an unexpected module of my international driving skills course. There's little you can do really other than slow down and get on with it, but I'll admit it was a relief to come out of the third consecutive storm intact.

Bright weather again this morning so we headed off to the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson. I've never been much of a plane spotter, but the huge array of aircraft on display coupled with the fascinating commentary of our guide made for a fascinating trip out.

Well it looks like the sun has appeared again and there's still plenty to get done before we leave Arizona Tuesday morning and head for Texas ...


Steph said...

Oh, I love the picture of the panda! I wish I had been there. Looking forward to having you back near the Aaaaaaarh in a couple of days.

LuvlyLittleSister said...

Yay! You did go to the zoo! Sounds fab. We went to the sports centre & saw some dogs. Well, it's almost the same. Oh, and dad is reading your blog but not mine. Hmph!

imac said...

Hi Sean, Ive just joined Britblog, and going thru the blogs of lincolnshirw, and yours caught my eye - one word did anyway ifact the same word twice
anyway just popped in to say Hi.
Hope you are enjoying your holls.

Anonymous said...

Now then meryt.Glad your enjoyin your hols I am enjoyin readin about it.I will have a pint on the tap bar for whe n you get back!!

Seany said...

Thanks everyone!

Steph - not long now, the epic journey ends tomorrow, well the road bit does!

Sis - see the extremes I had to go to for Dad to start reading? (just kidding Dad!)

Imac - welcome! Hope you enjoyed your visit. I'll return the favour when I get back home

Meyrt - can you believe I've not had a beer since I left? No? Quite right, I've had a few!!! See you Saturday