Saturday, August 05, 2006

Winning Streak...

I don't usually consider myself a particularly lucky person but I can't complain about this last week.

Earlier this week, we discovered that our lottery syndicate had work had got four numbers at the weekend and although we won't be jetting of to Rio, we don't have to pay into the fund for the next few weeks.

I took Mum out for our usual Friday tea in the Tap (delicious as usual) and I was pleased to hear on my arrival that I'd won 25 quid in the draw the previous night - without even being there which was a bit of a result.

Last night's entertainment was courtesy of the football team who had organised a race night. Not, as had been suggested, a chance to stand at the bar wittering about the increasing number of immigrant workers in the town, but the opportunity for a flutter on some pre-recorded horse races. I only backed one winner but my winnings were enough to cover my stakes for the evening so that was another result.

Strange how I still didn't have much money left this morning though...


Cherrypie said...

Quick! Go out and get yourself a lottery ticket.

Do you fancy trying the bingo?

Seany said...

Lottery ticket already bought although one of the wins was on the Lotto already- don't facny my chances of a 2nd one.

I used to be a bingo snob until recently when one of the girls in the office told me what a night at the Gala can cost - puts my bar tab back in perspective!

Cherrypie said...

I've never been to the bingo, for similar snobby reasons, but I was chatting to my mate Dean Dymond ( real name, not a porn name) and he won nearly 500 quid in Grimsby on Thursday night.

I think I'd be able to slum it for that!