Sunday, August 13, 2006

The price is right...

I took a Ford Streetka out for a test drive yesterday and after a brief spin around town we got down to the inevitable pantomime over discussing price.

To be honest, I get very bored with the whole thing so this time I tried to cut to the chase.
"I'll level with you - I like to buy my cars from here because to date they've always been reliable and I like the quality of the service. You want to sell me a car, I want to buy one, let's not waste time to-ing and fro-ing over the price. How much is this going to cost me a month?"
They told me.
"OK, that's well over what I wanted to pay so I'll leave it for now"
"Well let's see if we can do something to get a bit closer"
"I hope not - that was supposed to be your best offer"
They did shave a few quid off but still not enough to keep me interested.

Then came the words I'd been dreading "The problem is, there is such a difference in price between the car you're trading in and the model you're looking for. I could do you a much cheaper deal on another Focus and we have a lot greater choice". He went back to his office and came back a couple of minutes later with a choice of three cars and three "best" prices.

To cut along story short, it looks like the "silly" car idea has been put on hold again for another year or two as I look forward to driving another newer, lower mileage Focus. I did get the Ghia model though so I suppose that's a little bit flash...


delcatto said...


Congrats on the new it green by any chance?

As for Jajah...I'll give it a whirl this week. Thanks for the tip.

Cherrypie said...

*sigh* I was hoping to indulge my extravagant taste in motors vicariously through you, but no matter how hard I try, I can never get excited about a Focus. Still, glad you've got something new and shiny.

Seany said...

Thanks! I've finally changed colour having proved twice that not all green cars are unlucky. That said,despite folding my wing mirrors in when I parked the car, someone still had a go at them last night.

Sorry Cherrypie, but I'm afraid practicallity won out over extravagance in the end. Oh, and price had quite a lot do do with it!