Monday, May 05, 2008

Panic buying...

It's been a predictably quiet bank holiday today after helping Little Em celebrate her 30th birthday last night. It had all of the ingredients of a great party - a good crowd of friends and family, delicious buffet, an abundance of fine ale and a disco playing music that we were more than happy to sing along with. After some persuasion from Amy I also got the chance to remind everyone what a crap dancer I am.

The journey home is a bit of a blur, but I clearly stumbled across an establishment with kebabs for sale at some point which provided a hearty breakfast this morning.

So, with little else to do today I decided to continue my quest for a Nintendo Wii Fit. I should have followed my initial instincts really and pre-ordered one before it was launched a couple of weeks ago because rather like the consoles a couple of months ago, the latest Wii must-have is as rare as the proverbial rocking horse droppings.

I've been using a stock checker site and could hardly believe my eyes when it told me that Dixons had just got some more in stock. I followed the link to the site and sure enough, it confirmed that they had some in stock so I wasted no time in hitting the buy now button. Then of course they wanted me to register with them so they needed my name, address, contact details, a password, etc., which was all taking rather too long for my liking.

Finally I reached the payment page and unwittingly selected a credit card I'd not used previously for online purchase which meant they also needed me to supply names, date of birth, card dates, new passwords, etc. It might seem that I was fretting unnecessarily, but I'd already been caught out once this weekend having tried to reserve my little nephew's birthday present on the Argos website only to find someone had narrowly beaten me to the last one. But the good news is that little nephew will be getting his new toy this month and in a few days time, so will I.

Oh and in case you are looking for one, Dixons are out of stock again already...

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