Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Open all hours...

To be honest, today could have got away to a better start.

I was awake bright and [ridiculously] early so I decided to take advantage, getting some fresh bread under way and preparing a few bits for our roast turkey dinner tonight. Inevitably there were a couple of things I'd overlooked when shopping yesterday, but as we have a couple of 24 hours supermarkets nearby I didn't think it would be a problem. I could nip out early, miss the crowds and be back home in plenty of time before the family arrives later this morning

That was until I discovered they aren't actually open 24 hours. I realise they have restricted opening hours on Sundays, although I still fail to understand why we are subjected to such commercial censorship. If it is important to you to reserve Sunday as a day of rest then fine, please yourself, but there is no shortage of people prepared to work Sundays and anyone who ventures to the shops on Sunday will testify to the lack of conscientious objectors from a consumer perspective.

Truth to tell, it is too politically sensitive for anyone to make the controversial decision of overruling the current hours so I guess we're stuck with them. But why were they not open early this morning? Apparently because it was a Bank Holiday yesterday? What difference is that supposed to make?

Would I work a Bank Holiday? Well like millions of others, I don't get any option as I am contractually obliged to do so and the only reason I didn't work yesterday is that I booked the whole week as annual leave. Oh and don't get me started on the public holidays we get compared to my European colleagues.

Rant over. Have a nice day...

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delcatto said...

Wish your mum a happy birthday!

We've a card and a bottle of vino ready for her.

As for working Sundays & bank holidays... why not open for ten hours. The too easily offended religious can turn the other cheek and those of a secular bent seeking solitude can find a quiet field somewhere full of rabbit holes and stick their heads down them. We can then shop in peace if we choose to do so.