Sunday, May 25, 2008

I love it when a plan comes together...

Hannibal would have been proud of yesterday- everything went to plan and we had an excellent day.

The biggest highlight had to be getting the birthday present for Mum who is now the worlds coolest (nearly) 70 year old with a newly tattooed arm. I was really proud as she sat there without a flinch for an hour and a half while Stewart worked his magic and produced a wonderfully detailed picture of a robin on her upper arm. I'll post a picture of it on here once it's fully healed.

It also came in well under budget, so we hopped into a cab, went to pick up Dad from my house where he'd been working on some of my fence panels and popped down to our local for lunch. The Farmhouse didn't disappoint again with a delicious luxury fisherman's pie, pannecotta with blueberries for pud, all washed down with a cracking pint of Black Sheep.

We left there to return home where I could change into something smarter for the evening, but spotted a bus approaching. The realisation hit me that with the money I'd save by taking the bus instead of a taxi (given that Mum & Dad travel for free), I could pick a new shirt in town, so Primark obliged accordingly.

Out to the Tap for tea where we met up with Faith and John for another superb meal, after which we returned to the bar where a whole host of other friends came to join us for an excellent night out. Liquid refreshment was largely in the form of a very tasty Raspberry Wheat Beer from Millstone Brewery, which despite checking in at 5.6%, left me feeling a lot brighter this morning than I would usually of expected.

I wonder if I could count those pints towards my five a day...

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