Monday, March 26, 2007

Tanks for that...

When I'm not gawping out of my car window trying to spot churches along the route to work, or finding magpies to salute, or squinting at an un-dipped glare heading from the opposite direction, my fuel gauge remains a constant source of fascination to me. Not my personal fuel gauge of course; that glass is always half full.

The petrol gauge on my car (and every car I've ever owned for that matter) appears to have a will of it's own. It usually takes about 6 working days for me to get through a full tank and it usually equates to about 450 miles worth, but the journey from F to E always seems an erratic one.

I frequently travel around 80 miles before the needle moves and often over 150 miles in less than a quarter of a tank, but have never yet have got anywhere close to 600 miles before the warning light appears. I'm always wary of leaving it too close to empty; firstly because most of my trip to and from work leaves me several miles from the nearest petrol station and secondly because of the time honoured warning that it will drag all of the sediment from the bottom of the tank through the engine. Surely, no good can come of that.

As often happens, I was searching for an appropriate picture on Google to accompany my post on the matter, when I inadvertantly stumbled across a reasonable explanation. So now I'm left without a way to finish my post:
a) Well that's enough of my gassing
b) Which goes to show that there's no fuel like an old fuel
c) I'm off to discuss if further with my pet troll

Perhaps I'll settle for
d) None of the above...

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