Monday, March 19, 2007

Gang aft agley...

...but not in this case, it was a great weekend starting with my escape from the office half an hour early.

A less than leisurely drive home and a quick taxi ride led to a few beers and chance to catch up with the guys in the Tap, then at closing time I joined the football team (no don't be ridiculous) for a few drinks in town before we all ended up in a club where, quite bizarrely, all of the dancers were apparently either from Poland or Lapland.

Saturday afternoon I opted to suspend St Patricks Day celebrations until the England v Wales match; maybe not the best of ideas in hindsight but the Guinness went down a lot better than the rugby. Well it did for as long as it lasted.

Sunday saw an early start to clear the house up before collecting Mum to inflict some of my Chinese cookery upon her after which we watched a film and the comic relief highlights from Friday. (Yes, I know it's wrong to skip the charity bits but I donated money anyway)

Best of all, I couldn't get a wireless connection to the office all weekend so I hardly got any work done at all. The factory hadn't ground to a halt this morning as a result so, I might give this normal working hours a serious go this week.

Who else takes any notice of mice and men anyway...

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