Saturday, February 10, 2007

Time out...

I've finally reached a couple of days where I haven't needed to bring a load of work home, although in all honesty, I've still brought some appraisal paperwork so I can get a bit of a headstart on next week.

With at least one day to my own devices, where do I start?
~ Blog to update - tick.
~ I either need to get some food in or start getting very creative in the kitchen
~ I'm sure the car is about due for a service, but I'll dig out the paperwork before I "invest" in that
~ I need to start shopping around for flights for this summer's adventure (details to follow when it's all arranged)
~ I'll be watching England play Italy this afternoon, but I'm afraid it will be without beer.
~ Tonight starts with an engagement party then moving on to a 21st birthday party to which will probably keep me out until the early hours.

So other than sending Carlos and Helen my congratulations and wishing Lisa a very happy 21st birthday, I'm not going to get any of this done sitting here...

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