Sunday, February 18, 2007

Testing times...

We had a great day yesterday giving Dom a well deserved send off for his return home to Middlesborough, which although sad at the time, is lightened by the fact that he'll still be down to see us every once in a while.

We started by meeting up for a hearty breakfast followed by a 14 hour stint of drinking, singing, dancing and generall silliness. It was not until I got home however that the silliness really began. I was unloading the mountain of change onto the mantlepiece then suddenly realised that my wallet was missing from my back pocket. Gulp.

Cue frantic re-tracing of steps back to where I'd got out of the taxi. Nothing. Unfortunately I had caught a taxi from a rank, so it could be one of several local taxi firms who provided my lift home, but nonetheless, I rang as many as I could think of. I'd obviously paid for my taxi fare so I can only assume that it is there that I've dropped it.

I severely doubt that there would have been much in the way of cash left in it but it has still meant my spending hours this morning ringing banks and credit card companies on a damage limitation exercise.

The point is, it also held my driving license which contains my address and several business cards with my contact details so if it found, there is no excuse for anyone returning it or at the very least, letting me know where I can collect it from.

So my faith in human nature is now put to the test...


Palm Springs Savant said...

hey there...stumbled on your blog and its a fun read! Sorry to hear about losing the wallet- that sucks.

Read in your profile something about 80's sitcoms...I just posted a poll on favorite 80's TV actors...come vote. if you fav isnt there, enter your own! (left side nav)

Seany said...

Thanks Rick!
Just dropped by and voted for Bill Cosby - seems it's a popular opinion