Sunday, October 29, 2006

Free time...

It's that absurd time of year again when we all have to run around the house, trying to track down every last item with a time display and adjusting it by an hour. I'll guarantee that in a few weeks time I'll still find something that I've missed.

On the upside, I suppose we are gaining an extra hour this time of year, so I guess the challenge is deciding how to make use of those extra free minutes. Sleep is usually my preferred option, but this year I've chose to embellish that with random fits of coughing, sneezing and wondering whether I can shovel enough concoctions down my neck to be fit for work Monday morning...


delcatto said...

You can try one or all of the following remedies:
1.Hot whisky with honey, lemon and ginger. You gargle and then swallow (cue laughter).
2.Goosefat on your chest.
3.An onion in a sock which you hang around your neck.
4.A very hot curry...use the onions from the socks for your bhajis.

Word verification says: fdededghog.
Poor 'edghog.

Seany said...

I'm currently going with home-made nightnurse based on medicine cabinet contents:
Paracetamol - keep temperature down
Sudafed - clear congestion
Ibuprofen - ease core throat
All washed down with plenty of fruit juice

delcatto said...

I now have the it a cyber virus do you think?
We may turn into cybermen.

I am using the afore mentioned medicaments plus echinacea.

Seany said...

Whenever I hear the word "echinacea" I have to resist the urge to say "bless you"!

Had a very rare day off sick today, but it seems to have paid off in that I'm now sat here writing up a report I meant to get done over the weekend...