Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Waiting Game...

Well we're into week seven of the unemployment game and I can't pretend I'm getting on with it too well. I should be grateful for that mindset I guess, as there seems to be no shortage of individuals quite happy with their lot as I wade amongst them during the bi-weekly humiliation ritual of signing on. I think on reflection so far it's all of the waiting that I'm finding so frustrating.

My job search criteria is now extended to anything within a 20 mile radius with at least 2/3 of my previous salary but vacancies are still few and far between. When you do apply, nobody ever replies unless it's an invitation for interview, so you wait around wondering until an appropriate amount of time has passed before following it up.

I'm registered with about 20 different employment agencies but with only one exception so far, they seem more interested in having lots of names on their books than placing anyone in suitable roles. There's only so often you can update your CV as an excuse to contact them and give them a shove (I'm currently chasing them all every 2 weeks), so in the meantime you find yourself waiting.

In an attempt to make myself more employable, I've tried to enrol on some training courses. The ECDL IT course was relatively easy to get on and I completed the 18 week course in 2 weeks, but I'm waiting for the Easter holidays to finish so I can take the final exams.

The PTLLS (Adult Education Teaching) course is proving more troublesome. I have filled out the same registration form umpteen times now and had the same accompanying "How to look for work" workshops in the process, but each organisation just keeps referring me onto another one. I don't understand what all of the delay is - there are millions of pounds set aside for training "victims" of redundancy, but the red tape I've encountered on this exercise makes it crystal clear that it's almost impossible actually getting your hands on any of it. I have another meeting with another training organisation on the same topic next week.

To my absolute amazement (and to an extent, shame) I seem to find myself spending any spare time either in the garden or the greenhouse. Quite frankly, not the best choice of hobbies for someone who has a problem with too much waiting around. There seems to be some signs of new life in the garden now, but I'll save the details of those for another post.

But on current performance, who knows how long I'll keep you all waiting before you get to read that...


delcatto said...

I'm sure the training courses are deliberately difficult in terms of red tape as is everything the government interferes in. Hopefully you won't be too long without a job. My cultivation of daisies and weeds is doing well although I pushed the boat out and bought two new tomato plants. One of the news blogs is forecasting snow and other assorted wintry weather for the weekend! So I'm lavishing tlc on those two and considering planting up the seeds for other plants indoors at a later date.

Seany said...

My toms haven't fared too well to date (cherry toms and moneymaker), but I have a few more seeds to use up before I indulge in the extravagance of buying plants!

Jeremiah Andrews said...

I don't know if putting all your trust into these employment agencies, you may have to take matters into your own hands and do some sorting out for yourself.

If they aren't giving you the answers you need, you may have to find them another way.

Gardening is a good thing, at least you may have fruit and veg on the table.

keep us posted on your progress. that means updates closer together.

tee hee


delcatto said...

Phew! This weekend snow is too much!

Lena said...

You know, Seany, it makes me mad that blokes like you go to all this effort and concern and there's layabouts not giving a shit towards work.

I use to help profile CV's at a college for those 'looking for work' and it's true that there is only so much you can sell on them. But most were just there to pass the time, for something to report back about at the jobcentre. My best wishes that something deserving comes your way soon.