Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No news is no news...

Well we are getting ever nearer to the end of the 90 day consultation period at work and today they have announced that they intend to close the plant a couple of days before Christmas.

Effectively that means that many of the employees will now all finish on that same day. Some will be required to work on for a while afterwards but as yet they haven't determined who that is going to be and how long they will be needed for.

Indeed, some have decided not to wait, forego the pot of gold at the end of the "rainbow" and have already been fortunate enough to find employment elsewhere.

For now though, my plans remain unchanged - I fully intend to sit tight and claim my rightful reward for enduring 14 years there and will not start looking for anything new until I have a clearer idea of a finishing date. I may find out as early as next Tuesday or maybe not until much later on in the year.

It probably wouldn't hurt to have a clearer idea about what I want to do when the time comes. As of right now, I still have absolutely no idea...


Jeremiah Andrews said...

Closing right before Christmas. That will be merry won't it? I agree that you should wait and to get what is rightly yours.

I would add that if it were me, I would have some type of plan B in my back pocket. I always have to have a plan of action, yet I can fly by the seat of my pants when necessary.

Hopefully they won't screw you out of pay over the holidays.

Keep us posted.


delcatto said...

Sitting tight and waiting for your money sounds like the best course because you never know what will come up in the new year