Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nothing to do with me...

I know, three posts in one day - it doesn't happen often, but I've just noticed the site stats and I'm amazed to see its passed the 30,000 hits mark!

Of course, I'm delighted that the old blog is still generating interest but as usual, the truth is revealed when you examine the detail. However, informative, amusing, or just generally verbose I try to be on here, there no denying that most people land here as a result of image searches:

In fifth place, searching for this photo of Nigella

In fourth place, actually searching for "Seany" (I doubt they're after a picture)

In third place, searching for this photo of Emily Maitliss

In second place, searches for this photo of Samantha Janus

In first place, even though I posted the image at Easter 4 years ago, searches for this photo of some bunnies

In fact to be honest, given the choice of looking at those delightful people, or reading my inane ramblings, they've probably got the right idea.

However, to those who do keep coming back for the genuine content, no silly pictures, songs or videos this time, just my sincere thanks.

And of course, this post will have done nothing to help matters...


delcatto said...

...Sorry. Too distracted by the photos and I missed what you were saying.

delcatto said...

It gives a whole new meaning to "What would you likeon your muffin?"

wv: sucless!!!!