Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or treat...

Well I've certainly been tricked alright.

While Little Sis was here to stay over the weekend, she mentioned how much she liked my digital bathroom scales. Not that they are particularly stylish or crammed with special features, but the fact that they stated that her diet was going significantly better than she thought (and to be fair, she's doing very well).

The comment didn't really register at the time, but since then it dawned on me that my own weight had been somewhat erratic of late, but the general trend was in the right direction and I'd come out of last weekend weighing the least I can remember for about a year or so. However, it also occurred to me that I've never changed the battery since I bought the scales which could be resulting in inaccurate readings.

Thanks to the newly installed battery, I now appear to have gained 7lbs over night, which given that I've been full of cold and not feeling like eating much at all seems pretty unlikely. I can only conclude that the new weight is the correct one, so my scales have tricked me all this time.

As for the treat?

Well I was two hours late leaving the office tonight which meant that by the time I got home, the trick or treaters had long since been and gone so I now have a bag full of fun-size goodies and no little urchins to give them to.

I guess we know which way the bathroom scales will be moving over the next few days...

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