Monday, June 20, 2011

Green fingered fun...

Hard to believe that I've been back in work a year as of tomorrow and so far, so good. My realigned expectations of income have dictated that the old social life has taken a bit of a back seat which has left more time for pottering about in the garden

So I thought I'd drop by and post a few pics of how the garden is looking these days, seeing as it is over a year since I posted the last lot.

The veg bed has finally sprung into life with a few disappointing non-starters, serves me right I guess for trying to use last years seeds again instead of buying new! All the same, there's a selection of onions, carrots, beetroot, radishes and cabbages to look forward to (first lot of radishes were grown and eaten before anything else had sprouted)

Young Jim's giant Californian redwood has grown a few inches in the last year and is certainly looking a lot healthier. Not sure he'll be happy until it's taller than his sister's tree though

The spartan apple tree would be more aptly named "sparce" given the complete lack of blossom or fruit to appear this year. It has certainly filled out though and I'm hopeful of better seasons to come

The Zoe oak is now happily established and has become a favoured scrapping ground for the local blackbirds, sparrows and bluetits, all fighting for the fatballs on there [insert your own inappropriate comment here]

Looking at it now, its hard to believe I picked about 25 tiny apples of this English Cox last year in the hope that it would put the energy into growing into something more substantial. Another apple tree taking a year out I guess

My camera angle doesn't really do "little blue" justice as he's at least doubled in height and width over the last year. May be a while before I'm hanging Christmas lights from it though

and the hazel completes the tour of the trees. Still looking healthy but once again, a while away from contributing to the festive feast (or feeding the local squirrels)

Probably my proudest achievement, the box hedge all grown from cuttings taken from the front garden. Proudest because it's cost me absolutely nothing!

Next stop is the herb garden, varying degrees of success but everything has survived so far. From left to right there's chervil, chives, dill, garlic chives, lemon balm, lemon thyme, mint, oregano, parsley (flat and curly), rocket, rosemary, tarragon and thyme

Moving into the greenhouse, I've gone with three tomato plants: a cherry tomato, salad tomato and beef tomato. Different varieties to last year but they're already well laden with fruit

Following the success (and popularity) of the apache chillies last year I wanted to try something a bit livelier. so from left to right we have jalapenos, scotch bonnets and habaneros. That should help to warm those cold winter evenings...

On the continuing theme of something new, I thought I'd try growing cucumbers (partially challenged by neighbour and Dad never having managed to grown them succesfully). Well there's at least two decent sized on there so I'm happy that I've made back the 50p I paid for the plant

The final newcomer is a physalis, winter cherry, cape gooseberry, chinese lantern plant. Call them what you like, all I know is that they're delicious and if even a quarter of the flowers turn into edible fruits, I'll be more than happy

So there you have it, now if you'll excuse me I need to go off to find my slippers and pipe.
OK, nobody was ever going to buy that - but the gardening bit is all for real :o)


delcatto said...

It's all looking good Seany. Your mother waved half a cucumber at me this morning saying you'd grown it.
At least I think that's what the gesticulations were! Mine are flowering as I daily battle the snails.

Lena said...

Hey! Nice to see you back - I wished I'd have checked sooner!!

You certainly have better garden fingers than me, Seany - a fabulous set of pics. Don't give up hope on the Spartan tree, they really do get there eventually.....(so I'm told!).

Lena said...

Thanks for the recent visit, Seany. Still around, thankfully!

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