Friday, June 25, 2010

Tempus fidget...

...or something like that.

It's been great to be back at work again this week and it's been made all the more enjoyable that everyone has made me so welcome, old and new colleagues alike.

Something I'd not accounted for was the in the 15 years I've been away, although there are a lot of familiar reminders of my previous time with the company, other people's lives have moved on significantly. Not that I'm decrying my career progression and experience gained in the meantime, but some lives have changed significantly in the passing of time.

Our M.D. had the morning off today to take his daughter to university and on Monday our receptionist brought her son to work with us over the summer before he starts college in September. Probably nothing out of the ordinary to you reading that, but the "daughter" in question was a mere toddler when I saw her last and the "son" was the recent reason for my colleagues maternity leave when I left.

And there I was thinking how much I'd changed since I was there last...


Jeremiah Andrews said...

Life is what's happening while we aren't around. It seems in your absence the next generation was being born and reared.

I guess you need to pay closer attention to what the universe is doing around you.

Kudos on the new job.


Lena said...

The passing of time is mental. Every year it takes longer to flick through the photo albums and it's a lesson on how rapidly I've aged.

My lads off to the Caledonian in September. I'm missing him and his ironing already!

Marrrena said...


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Lena said...

Just a quick "Seany - hi!"

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