Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dream on...

Although I've always been fascinated by my vivid dreams and the occasional mystery behind them that I can't correlate to activity in the previous day, I also readily acknowledge that there are few truly interesting conversations that begin "I had the strangest dream last night..." Perhaps the fact that I'm writing this at such a ridiculous hour reinforces that this one was a bit unusual.

So, quick dream recap: I've just returned a board game to a criminal looking family down the road then hurried back home, locked the door and turned the lights off. As I stand there behind the locked door, I'm suddenly feeling really uncomfortable and nervous about being in my own home. Then I woke up.

Amateur interpretation time:
Board game? WTF, no idea what that's about
Criminal family? No idea, I'm very lucky to live in a cul-de-sac full of friendly respectable neighbours
Uncomfortable in my own home? I've lived on my own for most of my adult life and it's no secret that I absolutely love it. I have certainly never felt nervous about it, although like any other sane person in this day and age, I tend to keep the doors locked and the alarm is set whenever I'm not here.

So none the wiser as to what my subconscious is trying to tell me, I'm awake, a little confused perhaps, but otherwise, no big deal. Still wide awake a few minutes later, I decided to put the radio on to help me drift back off to sleep again when I'm suddenly aware of some unusual noise outside the bungalow. Then the sound of something like paper or card falling down, shortly followed by the security light coming on in the front garden.

Surely there's no-one posting leaflets or charity begging-bags at this time of the morning? I flew out of bed and went over to the window, but no sign of activity outside. Inside however, some well-meaning plod had posted a hand-shaped card through my window, warning of the dangers of leaving windows open for opportunist thieves.

Now I figure if the sound of a falling piece of card and the sudden illumination of the outside security light is enough to wake me from my slumbers, there's little chance that any scrote is likely to get anything significant through a small window opening before I get to them.

The police are not to know that though I suppose and I guess their intentions are good, but what's really intriguing me is the connection between my dreaming about feeling insecure at home, then someone actively promoting the idea in the middle of the night through a partially open window. Furthermore, it's now gone three in the morning, I'm completely wide awake and not exactly happy about it.

Still on the bright side, at least I don't have to be up for work in the morning...


Lena said...

lol.....hand-shaped leaflet through an open window in the wee sma' oors? OMG!

I gave up analysing my dreams yonks ago. No point. I'm mental.

What does happen a lot are dreams about previous houses I've lived in. The decor can be different but I know I'm there. I cry sometimes because I've lost my meantime home to other people.

The worst ones are the ones where I'm doing something mundane and the next thing I'm whooshed of my feet by an invisible force and stuck to the ceiling. Those terrify me.

Also at times I'm stuck in really, manky girls toilets and can hardly breath for the smell of ammonia. Happily, I wake up dry...!

Other times it's slightly psychic (coincidental?) where I either see or remember a product, thing ect and it's on the telly or paper soon after I'm up!

Oh, dear.....you've started me aff, Seany. Sorry!...If it's any consolation, I have a bout of insomnia a week! Worse now the light in early....*tut*

ps....do you think I need help?

Seany said...

Not at all Lena, I'm sure we could all quite happily terrify each other if we honestly shared the dreams we remember!

delcatto said...

If the polis are permitted to invade your privacy and drop off innocuous leaflets in a threatening manner, are you permitted the several sharp and effective bear traps in your gardens?
As for dreams...Jung is pretty good, bur Freuds swimming pools, diving into those pools and trains through tunnels are self explanatory. More and stronger cheese is needed.
Off topic, have you heard about the Dukan diet Ellie is trying?

Seany said...

Love the bear trap idea!!!

Had heard mutterings of Dukan diet but now looked into it until I read your comment (not that I think for one minute Ellie has anything to worry about!) Looks interesting, maybe worth a go... after the bank holiday obviously

Seany said...

OK, *not* looked into it

(currently sampling a Tesco whisky recommendation - turns out it's not so bad...)