Saturday, December 19, 2009

Noughty Films...

An old schoolmate of mine is now a film critic (amongst other things) and he asked us via Facebook to list our top 5 films of the last decade. I thought my reply would be worth a lazy blog post on here - please feel free to comment with your top five:

I don't get to watch many new films unless my niece and nephew are staying so I didn't think I would find much in the last decade. Then, thanks to IMDB, I realised just how long 10 years really is and how tough it is to narrow down my top five!

So here goes and I'll start with a cheat:
Lord of the Rings (Trilogy). I'm probably the only person left of my generation who still hasn't read ANY of the books (despite owning them) so watching the film was my way of catching up

Gangs of New York. I just loved the atmosphere

Casino Royale. In my [controversial] opinion getting Bond films back where they should be

Pay It Forward. Great philosophy that I actually try and live by anyway and top candidate for "well I certainly didn't see that coming..."

Happy Feet. One of my favourite films of all time. Unashamed family fun, great animation, imaginative soundtrack, singing and dancing whilst saving the world and Brittany Murphy sings Queen - what more could you ask for!

Close contenders that didn't quite make the top 5:
Eulogy - very funny but primarily because I'm in love with Zooey Deschanel
Mamma Mia - put your brain on one side, relax and enjoy some fun and Abba music for a couple of hours
Bubba Ho-tep - great film currently residing in my "wtf" category
King Kong - I thought it was an excellent remake up until the nonsense in Central Park which I thought was completeley superfluous

And that concludes the voting for the Seany jury...


delcatto said...

Bubba Ho-tep would be an excellent choice but I certainly concur with Pay It Forward. A salutary reminder of what each of us need to do and it too often gets lost amidst the noise of everyday life. Now to think of my five choices which is difficult because I usually only watch the DVD's.

wv= moompie

Lena said...

I'd really have to think about it, but I've only just watched Gangs of New York. Had the film there for years but didn't ever fancy it. I should have listened to the boys after all. It only ever never 'sounded' like my kind of film. It was amazing!

Happy Xmas Seany!

Scoakat said...

I don't know that I've seen 5 movies from the last decade. Just not enough time, I guess.