Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gizza Job...

The moment finally arrived last Tuesday and I received the letter giving me notice that my employment terminates on 29th January.

I had expected it to be a little later than that and I genuinely think its unwise to let me go quite so early in the overall scheme of things, but it is more than most have been given so I can't really complain. Furthermore, I now have the basis to start building my future from. So onto the master plan.

Plan A: to make sure my lottery tickets are always up to date. Hey, let's face facts, I'd rather not have to work at all, or at least would like to have the option to work on my own terms. Admittedly, this is a tad of a long shot.

Plan B: stick with the current job until the end of January. They have now confirmed my redundancy package in writing and it's far too much to just walk away from unless something quite amazing turns up. Next week is my first meeting with the outplacement consultants they have provided to help us all in our move towards a new future. They are also providing heaps of training which I'm taking advantage of; everything from problem solving techniques to fork lift driving.

The second part of plan B is to start looking for a Customer Service Manager role within about 20 miles from home. Clearly I'll be taking advantage of every resource out there on the internet and writing to absolutely anyone who I think may be interested, in addition to whatever the above-mentioned consultants have in mind.

Plan C kicks in around December and basically involves expanding the job search to any managerial position with similar prospects and package as I have now within about 50 miles from home.

If this hasn't reaped any rewards by the end of January then plan D is to take a couple of weeks break then pretty much apply for anything just to buy me a bit more time until a more appropriate opportunity comes along.

Best case, I'll get a better job than I have now that starts at the beginning of March next year. Worst case, I can actually afford to be out of work until the back end of next year if absolutely necessary. Given the choice though I'd rather put my redundancy payout to something a little more exiting than just living from.

First job application has gone off today so the plan is now officially under way and the fun starts right here...


delcatto said...

I hope you haven't appled for that position as the fifth teletubby?
I've got my eye on that job when the nhs slash clinical posts and leave the bean counters in place.
Seriously, good luck with the search and maybe a beer after payday come Halloween!

Have a look on nhs careers for jobs. There might be something there.

Jeremiah Andrews said...

Yes, do take care to check all your sources. I am sure you will come up with something.

I am glad to see that you have plans in your back pocket. At least they are keeping you through the holidays which means there will be money for presents for the kids.

Keep us posted.


Seany said...

Thanks guys.

Oh and Declatto, the NHS have been on my list fow a while now, although I fear I could end up as one of those "unnecessary" managers we have all grown to despise! But, if it pays the bills...

delcatto said...

If it pays the bills go for it...I'll throw full catheter bags at you and grumble over here in my corner.