Sunday, May 17, 2009

A quiet evening with my mate Jack...

Although I happily managed to avoid the selection process itself, there was clearly no way the British media was going to let this year's Eurovision Song Contest go by without playing our entry to death at every concievable opportunity.

I'm in no place to criticise Mr Lloyd Webber as a songwriter and you can't deny that Jade Ewan is a very talented singer, but as I have heard said many times before and since, it just wasn't "Eurovisiony" enough to win.

As a result, there didn't seem much point watching this year when you can't cheer on your own team, but sure enough, come eight o'clock I found myself watching it regardless and in hindsight, I'm glad I did. Not that the actual songs were any better than usual but I thought Graham Norton did a great job on the commentary given the restrictions he would have been working under.

Better still, there was a much funnier unrestricted alternative commentary on Twitter courtesy of Jonathan Ross, Sarah Cawood and Phil Schofield. Being the open forum that it is, it also meant I was able to contribute about 30 tweets on the event and with a bottle of JD at hand to help the evening go by, its the best laugh I've had (on a night in) for ages.

So spasiba to the Russian hosts, until this time next year in Norway...


delcatto said...

It was more of a tame affair this year songwise. Noy enough boom banga bang although Germany made the effort to live up to Eurotrash standards.
The UK song was ok but, as you say, it wasn't a Eurovision song. The blue man and the athletic dwarves (Albania or Azerbajian?) was bizarre and in the old tradition of Eurovision.
Alcohol certainly improves the entertainment and if anyone is desperate...BBCi to see it again!!

Seany said...

I think my twitter commentary at the Albanian entery was little more than "WTF"

BBCi? Maybe, I've still got plenty of JD to go at!